Commercial and Residential Real Estate Transactions

Whether you are an international corporation purchasing several large shopping centers, a local individual selling a home, or a landlord negotiating a lease agreement with your tenants, the DeBaltzo Law Firm can help you to smoothly navigate the complex issues involved with commercial and residential real estate transactions. Our seasoned attorneys will ensure that your contracts are thorough, well-documented, and compliant with state and federal laws. Should any disputes or litigation arise during the transaction process, the DeBaltzo Law Firm can step in to represent your interests and defend your lawsuit in court. Our legal expertise in commercial and residential real estate transactions includes the following:

  • Land acquisition and development
  • Purchase and sale of residential and commercial properties
  • Drafting deeds and addressing title issues
  • Drafting lease agreements and handling disputes
  • Representation in mortgage foreclosure proceedings

Land Acquisition & Development

Our real estate attorneys at the DeBaltzo Law Firm have extensive knowledge of site evaluation, zoning ordinances, environmental issues, building codes, land use restrictions, and other regulations that direct the process of acquiring and developing land in the states of Ohio and Florida. Once we gain a solid understanding of your goals, we will assist you in obtaining legal approvals and securing permits and licenses for land development and managing the future operations of your property. Our real estate attorneys will closely adhere to your project deadlines.

Purchase & Sale of Properties

The DeBaltzo Law Firm’s real estate lawyers can represent developers, investors, sellers, and buyers in the sale and purchase of both residential and commercial properties in Ohio and Florida. This includes (but is not limited to) homes, co-ops and condos, multi-family residences, offices, hotels, warehouses, manufacturing and industrial facilities, restaurants, shopping centers, and retail complexes. Our attorneys’ legal expertise can handle real estate transactions on behalf of a single individual, a local business, a national company, and even an international corporation. We will ensure that your sale and purchase agreements, mortgage documents, and closing contracts are legally binding and serve your best interests.

Drafting Deeds & Addressing Title Issues

A crucial step in the acquisition and deposition of real estate properties involves the preparation and transfer of deeds and titles. Deed drafting is considered a legal service in the state of Ohio that only an attorney can perform. The DeBaltzo Law Firm’s real estate attorneys can spot and correct inaccuracies or errors in the document that an untrained eye cannot discern, which will prevent needless disputes down the line. Whether you need a general warranty deed, special warranty deed, bargain and sale deed, or quitclaim deed, our attorneys can draft and legalize your documents. We will also ensure that the commercial or residential property in question has no liens, easements, or covenants registered against it as well as write title insurance policies for your security. Our preferred title provider in the state of Ohio is the Fireland Title Group, located in Akron, Ohio.

Drafting Lease Agreements & Handling Disputes

Our real estate lawyers at the DeBaltzo Law Firm draft, review, and negotiate landlord-tenant residential and commercial property lease agreements. A definitive, comprehensive lease agreement is your best defense against any legal issues that may arise between a landlord and tenant. We will specify all relevant conditions, limitations of property use and behavior, pet policies, parties responsible for property repairs and maintenance, and provisions for ending the tenancy. Our landlord-tenant attorneys are well-versed in the federal and state laws governing leases and security deposits in the states of Ohio and Florida. The DeBaltzo Law Firm will also advise you and defend your rights during eviction proceedings and other related lease and rental property litigations, whether you are the landlord, owner, renter, or tenant.

Representation in Mortgage Foreclosure Proceedings

Mortgage and trust deed foreclosure is a complex process that requires the proper legal representation and guidance of an experienced real estate attorney. If you are a lender seeking to foreclose on a property, the DeBaltzo Law Firm will help guide you through the process and file a lawsuit in court if necessary. If you are a borrower unable to make payments, our real estate lawyers will defend against foreclosure by working with the lender or financial institution to modify the terms of your mortgage loan and negotiate a settlement agreement.

Contact us today to learn how the DeBaltzo Law Firm can successfully guide you through the complicated legal process of commercial and residential real estate transactions.

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