Agreements and Form Contracts

We help you with commercial agreements & form contracts

Every business encounters commercial agreements and/or form contracts used in one way or another. Do you know the intricacies and obligations of every contract executed by your business? Imagine missing an opportunity to terminate a non-performing agreement, only to discover that it has automatically renewed for another five or ten years. Not being aware of the intricacies and various rights and obligations of the parties to your contracts can have disastrous financial and legal consequences for your business. The business attorneys at DeBaltzo Law are well versed in contract law and can help you protect your company.

The Annual Business Check-Up will review your contracts and provide guidance and recommendations covering key contractual issues for your business, including:

  • Whether your Agreements were drafted by legal counsel or pulled from a form book or the Internet?
  • Whether they are customized to fit your business, its specific needs, and protect against loss?
  • Whether they safeguard and shield the company, shareholders, owners, executives from liability?
  • Whether the agreements are being complied with and whether it is in the best interest of the business to refinance, renegotiate or extend any of them.

The Annual Business Check Up will review a selection or the entirety of your agreements and identify potential problem areas and/or otherwise highlight important aspects contained within each agreement. It will also review your internal contract form documents for consistency, uniform applicability and compliance with the current laws of your state.

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